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Vladimir Bologov

Vladimir Bologov was born in 1965 in Moscow. He is currently biologist at the Central Forest Biosphere Nature Reserve . Since he is 10 years old, Vladimir Bologov has followed his father Viktor on the tracks of wolves. Based on hunting knowledge of wolves’ suspicion of landscape changes, Viktor proposed a simple method of protection of livestock, consisting in placing unusual objects such as balloons in an area to protect. Vladimir Bologov inherited a fascination for the predator and took up the torch of his father’s studies. Powerless concerning a modification of the status of the wolf in Russia, Vladimir became a wolves’ advocator in his own way. In 1993, he started a program of rehabilitation of orphan wolf pups purchased from hunters. Qualified from the Wildlife Biology College in Balashikha , he is currently writing a PhD thesis about the wolf population in Tver region.


Laeticia Becker
Laetitia Becker (2)

Laetitia Becker

Laetitia Becker was born in 1982 in Strasbourg. She grew up in a big family living near fields and forest where she enjoyed walking her dog and encountering wildlife. While studying biology, she first came to Russia as an eco-volunteer in 2004. On the first day she fell in love for the wild empty areas and the large carnivore, for the way of life in the countryside and the people’s kindness. Since then, she has been working with wolf pups, observing them and preparing them to return to the wild. The rehabilitation of wolf pups was the theme of her PhD thesis Experimental release of wolves ( Canis lupus lupus ) in Russia: raising methods, habitat suitability, dispersion and survival she just finished at the University of Strasbourg.

In the media

Media all over the world are already interested in the program of rehabilitation. You can find the reports and publications below.

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